Chris Brown

In the words of my baby-boy, Mase, "welcome back, welcome back, harlem's back." I am officially welcoming myself back into the fond folds of blogging. I've never quite liked that word, blogging.
Anyhow, I have felt it necessary to return to this form of communication with self because a) I admire many of the people that keep up blogs to not only communicate with their own self, but also to stay in touch with people miles away; b) I find myself gaining a high level of satisfaction from reading the aforementioned blogs; and c) I'm starting new routines that I think will prove to be beneficial in the long run.
That being said, here am I. And might I also mention, here am I, but not in a diary kind of way. I have decided that from here on out, I will blog daily, and daily will I blog. I will blog about things I happen to notice, things I'd like to refrain from noticing, and things I'd like other people to notice. Sometimes the material will be personal, but as for the majority, it will be quite matter-of-fact.
I'd love for people to notice the incredible potential that lies dormant in music. When I find a new song that I just can't get enough of, it truly amazes me. Perhaps the most interesting thing about music is its uncanny ability to gain an emotional response from its listener. Take a top-40 hit for instance--you hear it at a hip dance party and the crowd goes wild. One reason for the reaction may simply be that the crowd recognizes the song as a fun song to shake to, while another reason may be the song simply arouses a reaction in each dancer that makes them feel just a little bit better than they did the minute before.
The short of it goes something like this: I appreciate music, in all its forms, because of just how much it is. I can't help but applaude the artists of today for making music that appeals to the masses. While it doesn't necessarily appeal to my senses and I don't choose to add their songs to my playlists, I can still acknowledge their craft, the writers' craft, the producers' craft.... If for some reason I can't get that catchy chorus out of my head, then they must've done the job real good like.

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