Indian Turkey Raindrops

Thanksgiving is one of the top-shelf holidays that never ceases to disappoint. Good food is aplenty, the weather is usually supreme, and the whole family sits at the table for 4 hours discussing everything and nothing all at the same time. I love the relaxation that is always associated with Thanksgiving- mostly due to excess amounts of turkey, but also thanks to the comfortable nature of our home in general. I am thankful for that. Here's the highlight reel of Thanksgiving 2011. And just a disclaimer: Thanksgiving weekend (in my mind and I'm sure millions of others, right?!) means neon sweats, no make-up, coonskin caps, SARS masks for those with sore throats, and Cowboy and Indian dance parties with Eden.


Jim Jam Weekend 2011

This one time my best friends and I celebrated the happiest union of our very best friend Jamie Everson. Park City was our home for the bachelorette weekend- full of good food, dancing, wedding dress fittings, Alpine Slide riding, and fireside chats in our matching shirts about the big whosie whatsie. September 17th was the big day for Jim Jam and I don't think anyone's seen a day more perfect. I'm just glad I got to watch. Man oh man do I love my breast freeds!

Jim Jam Weekend 2011 from Cami Clayton on Vimeo.