A Tale of Two Cami's

I’m feeling a little Dickens today; it really is the best of times and was the worst of times not too long ago. Today I am grateful for the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Today I am grateful for my window at work, and remembering something my mom once told me about finding happiness in the little things. I am grateful for the blue sky and the promise of tomorrow. Who knows how many tomorrows I’ve got, but I’m going to assume I’ve got thousands. Thousands of opportunities to make every day a really good day.

Someone told me once that I have no idea how happy I’m

going to be. I think I’ve taken that as a challenge, so that every night when my head hits the pillow, I can wonder to myself if I made it that day.

I found the Dana Point newspaper online today (not that it was hard…) and was reminded why I want to be a freelance columnist so badly. I have never had political aspirations per se, but there is something really cool to me about being a fixture in the community. I want to be active, involved, and ultimately remembered in my city. For now, that city is Dana Point- a quaint and charming beach town known as the Lantern Village. I plan on making

decisions based on the community events calendar, visiting all the little shops and markets, and really planting some roots. Just another step in building my life! I want an outlet other than my legal pad scribbling and a weekly column seems like just the thing.

In other news, the holidays have arrived! This is my first Christmas season away from the crisp cold and snowy streets of Utah and while I definitely miss that, I am really into the LED-wrapped palm trees at the Ritz. I’m also really into the pen I’m writing with right now. I’m really into Spanish terra cotta pavers and designing a home with them all over the place. Design blogs are my weakness, and I’m on the lookout for estate sales that I can find a cowhide rug at. I’m into committing to a trip to Peru because I want to go and I can go. And I’m really into good home d├ęcor. I like reading magazines and pretending I’m going to make the recipes I read and buy the outfits I see. I like making dinner plans and taking trips to LA to see the symphony and latest art installations. It’s as if I all of the sudden grew up. I have to admit that the feeling of having the world at your fingertips yet still feeling like you’re in control is one of the best things I’ve experienced lately. I’ve got a burning feeling in my chest and I feel excited about everything. It feels so good to be at this point and in this place and I am truly lucky that everything worked out the way it has. It is an almost overwhelming feeling, like I’ve got to do something with it or I’ll burst. But I welcome the nerves, and I welcome the unknown because it all means that I’m going to go somewhere and do something. I’m on my way to somewhere else, and I’m willing to bet that that somewhere else is going to be astonishing.