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So it's been awhile and although I wish I could say that I've been up to excitingly new things, I cannot. It's been the same-old, run-of-the-mill stuff like work and school that have been keeping me busy. 

However! Things are on the up and up. We're moving to a great little house that is owned by a more than decently talented music artist by the name of Joshua James and his wife Ashley, both of whom are the nicest people. It's a fantastic house and we can't wait to move in. 

Other than that, Finals are in full swing and I'm doing everything in my power to remain sane and remind myself that yeah, school is important, but ultimately not worth getting frustrated about. God bless my penchant for being laid-back to a fault. 
Other noteworthy news: I love my niece and nephew. God bless Eden and Charlie too. Gigi's 80th birthday party was a success and it was so good to be able to see the entire family in one place. Here are some pictures from the events. (good food, Anasazi petroglyphs, and salsa dancing...of course).