scurry scurry little bottom

I don't have much time to write tonight because I'm busy-city with everything right now! But here's some good news... I wasn't too busy tonight to go to Target to pick up some goods to put on our pizzas, and while I was there I wasn't too busy to pick up a little added bonus. I am more than excited to announce that I am a proud owner of my very own flannel nightshirt. Go out and buy one if you want to! I wouldn't even be mad!
I must go now because I'm excited to climb in bed wearing this sexy little number. I'm positive I'll have the best dreams.


And this, this I like.

this is it, this is all.

I'm in Las Vegas and boy oh boy am I noticing things!! I noticed this video clip on the internet today and it is so good that I have nothing to say about it.
Watch and enjoy. 



I am posting again to acknowledge that I have no idea what I'm doing on this thing. I thought all I was providing you was a link to view the video, but there it is!!!! It is right there!!!! I'll consider the both of us quite lucky.
So how did you like it?
I am posting again because I missed a day, and according to my blogging goals (see previous post), I am supposed to be posting daily about all the things I notice. I noticed Souljaboy Tellem SOOOO long ago, but let's pretend I noticed it yesterday and that my previous post from about five minutes ago is actually dated Saturday. It makes things easier this way.
Sunday, Sunday! Here we are on Sunday. Things I noticed today:
- Girls holding teddy bears while on a Sunday afternoon stroll with either a friend or beau (I couldn't quite tell) Do NOT enjoy being parted with their companion. It wasn't our fault that there were three of us walking and we strongly outnumbered the two of them. I even apologized for making them part! Not so much as a smile back in my direction for my apology. Whatever man! Maybe she was mad/pissed that her friend/beau gave her a teddy bear on a Sunday (clearly a Monday afternoon gift). Maybe it was a break-up walk? Who even knows, but at least I said sorry for making her step upon the grass to let the three of us pass.
- I lacked a whole lot of knowledge this afternoon as I struggled to remember what these comparsions are called. Cat:mouse::Dog:bone. And I'm still lacking that knowledge because I can't type that into wikipedia and get conclusive results. I am stuck. Me:stuck::someone in:deep mud.
- I wish I wouldn't have noticed how many times the Sacrament Meeting speaker licked his lips during his talk. But man, was it distracting! I had a hard time distinguishing whether or not the lip-licking was a nervous habit or due to a nasty case of chapped lips. Maybe next Sunday I'll sit next to him and investigate the situation further. Stay tuned.
- I noticed how much I like Sunday walks, or even walks in general. (Except when teddybear-clutching girls shoot you nasty looks. For a brief second, that may affect the walk negatively. But then you can analyze the next blissfully-entwined couple approaching you on the sidewalk and the negativity is gone, because you can totally tell that this girl is positively stoked to be on a walk with such a stud by her side.)
- I wish I didn't notice all of the strange people that lay together on the grass on campus. Yes, the weather has been unseasonably warm and definitely enjoyable. But does this give you license to lay your head on your significant others' tummy while you close your eyes and lose yourselves in thoughts of wedded bliss? I beg you to think that no, you cannot do such things. I wish I didn't notice these couples because it makes me feel slightly awkward. When I wander around campus trying to find someone else to wander with, I cannot help but glance in the direction of the scattered lovebirds, and upon such glances I feel that I have intruded on a very private, intimate moment. I am embarassed for them initially, but then goodness! They should be embarassed too! Go have an intimate moment in the car, or even a private study room of the library. Sneak behind the curtains of the ballroom. If you felt alright about it, you could occupy the Handicapped Bathroom of the library. Camp out under the stairs of any building on campus. Just hide yourselves! Feel free to feel tummies and close your eyes and do all of that basking away from my prying eyes. It just would make everything so much better.

Ah, there's the lady. Hello Lady!

Most sincerely,

Cami Clayton

heavens sakes, is that a spot?

I am completely frustrated because I don't know how to upload a YouTube video on this blog. This frustrates me for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that I really want everyone viewing this thing (Hi La!) to be able to see a video that has impacted me in more ways that I can count. However, due to my lack of the skills necessary to be a successful and impressive blogger, I just couldn't figure it out. We'll have to settle for stone-age blogging and I'll just ask you to please click on the link I painstakingly provided (yes, even this was hard to figure out) when the opportunity to do so presents itself.
Because the Thanksgiving holiday is fastly approaching, I have been thinking of all the cool stuff I've got, all the cool people I know, and all the cool things I get to do. But perhaps the greatest thing about me is the fact that I've seen this video. Over and over. And I can do it. Over and over.
So ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, I give you: Souljaboy Tellem. I am thankful for his presence in my life.

Please Click Here for Everything You've Ever Wanted and More

Most sincerely,

Mary Camille Clayton


Vince Fontaine

I'm sitting in the Mac Lab of the JFSB and rather than continuing my online search on information on Abbot Suger, I am staring this man in the face.

I noticed that my boss, Doc Parkinson, has the very same eyeglasses.

I wondered if I have ever used a floppy disk of that size. Is that even a floppy disk?

Is his chin airbrushed? I don't remember him having such a strong chin.

I wonder what he can tell me about Abbot Suger?

He could afford to buy me a Wendy's gift card with a substantial amount of money on it.

Rickety Tickety Tin

Today I noticed:
- I really, really, and when I say really I really mean really, like Wendy's cheeseburgers with ketchup only. I would be lying to myself if I said I felt only mediocre about them. First of all, they are only 95 cents. Second of all, they are delicious. I considered buying a Wendy's gift card today-- and just for the hell of it since I would be giving it to myself anyhow. I refrained this afternoon, but so help me, I just might do it tomorrow.
Today I noticed
- I am exactly where I want to be. Laugh at me if you will, but planning the Magleby's Employee Appreciation Party alleviated any doubts I may have had about attempting to become a wedding planner. While parties hosted by Classic Skating may not necessarily run parallel to weddings, I still felt right at home. And I'll ace my Camping Skills class because of it.
Today I wish people would notice:
- The three strapping young men pictured in today's blog. The Kingston Trio is responsible for numerous campfire sing-a-longs and for reasons I think only a few people know. I pondered for a few seconds today about their lyrics. "Tom Dooley" for instance, tells the sordid tale of a man readying himself to be hung in the morning for stabbing a woman he met on a mountain. As we gleefully whistle along, "The Merry Minuet" details the relationships between each country--"The Poles hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Dutch, and I don't like anybody very much." It seems that these songs, along with Tom Lehrer's "Irish Ballad", are the most accurate detailings of my memories of Jackson Hole.
Today I wish I would've noticed:
- The "No Parking" sign "prominently" placed near my parking spot. That would've helped my bank account out a little bit.


Chris Brown

In the words of my baby-boy, Mase, "welcome back, welcome back, harlem's back." I am officially welcoming myself back into the fond folds of blogging. I've never quite liked that word, blogging.
Anyhow, I have felt it necessary to return to this form of communication with self because a) I admire many of the people that keep up blogs to not only communicate with their own self, but also to stay in touch with people miles away; b) I find myself gaining a high level of satisfaction from reading the aforementioned blogs; and c) I'm starting new routines that I think will prove to be beneficial in the long run.
That being said, here am I. And might I also mention, here am I, but not in a diary kind of way. I have decided that from here on out, I will blog daily, and daily will I blog. I will blog about things I happen to notice, things I'd like to refrain from noticing, and things I'd like other people to notice. Sometimes the material will be personal, but as for the majority, it will be quite matter-of-fact.
I'd love for people to notice the incredible potential that lies dormant in music. When I find a new song that I just can't get enough of, it truly amazes me. Perhaps the most interesting thing about music is its uncanny ability to gain an emotional response from its listener. Take a top-40 hit for instance--you hear it at a hip dance party and the crowd goes wild. One reason for the reaction may simply be that the crowd recognizes the song as a fun song to shake to, while another reason may be the song simply arouses a reaction in each dancer that makes them feel just a little bit better than they did the minute before.
The short of it goes something like this: I appreciate music, in all its forms, because of just how much it is. I can't help but applaude the artists of today for making music that appeals to the masses. While it doesn't necessarily appeal to my senses and I don't choose to add their songs to my playlists, I can still acknowledge their craft, the writers' craft, the producers' craft.... If for some reason I can't get that catchy chorus out of my head, then they must've done the job real good like.