heavens sakes, is that a spot?

I am completely frustrated because I don't know how to upload a YouTube video on this blog. This frustrates me for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that I really want everyone viewing this thing (Hi La!) to be able to see a video that has impacted me in more ways that I can count. However, due to my lack of the skills necessary to be a successful and impressive blogger, I just couldn't figure it out. We'll have to settle for stone-age blogging and I'll just ask you to please click on the link I painstakingly provided (yes, even this was hard to figure out) when the opportunity to do so presents itself.
Because the Thanksgiving holiday is fastly approaching, I have been thinking of all the cool stuff I've got, all the cool people I know, and all the cool things I get to do. But perhaps the greatest thing about me is the fact that I've seen this video. Over and over. And I can do it. Over and over.
So ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, I give you: Souljaboy Tellem. I am thankful for his presence in my life.

Please Click Here for Everything You've Ever Wanted and More

Most sincerely,

Mary Camille Clayton

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