You Are the Very Best

In honor of the upcoming holiday on which we celebrate all those we love, I have come up with a list. I thought for a solid two minutes about the things that I love the very most in my life, and although my ADD-prone mind got sidetracked once when I glanced up at the counter and saw an open bag of Trader Joe's Powerberries calling to me (no, forcefully commanding) that I get up and eat some, I realized for the umpteenth time that I have an almost mind-boggling amount to be grateful for. I'm lucky to have lots to love. Read on for my love list if you feel so inclined (and I won't be offended if you decide not to read because truthfully I won't even know. So we're good.):

- Let's be honest, those aforementioned Powerberries are usually at the top of my list.
- Gertie & Gus
- 72 degree weather
- My Mom's laugh
- Campfires
- Slight breezes
- the smell of saddles
- When my jeans finally get broken in
- Feeling inspired and motivated
- Jogging on the beach path
- Listening to my Dad sing
- the color camel
- Oil paintings
- Beach Hair
- being home with the entire family
- crossing off every item on a to-do list
- Nose freckles
- Freshly-cut Peonies
- Yellow Labs & Golden Retrievers (either to be named Copernicus)
- Saying exactly what you meant to say
- Laughing with those who know you best
- The click of computer keys
- A good card game
- Smile wrinkles as evidence of a life lived happily
- Books you wish never ended
- Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock
- Sisters
- Fresh Papaya with Lime Juice
- Settebello's Caprese Salad
- the new 8mm camera app
- Writing letters
- Brick courtyards
- A good stretch
- Feeling the Spirit
- Trader Joe's
- Exact Change
- A perfect-fitting t-shirt
- Sitting Close
- Going on Trips
- Emails from Grandma
- Horseback rides
- Afternoon Walks
- Sandy calves
- Sunday mornings
- Eden & Charlie

You'd be surprised how much your brain comes up with when you let it wander around in thoughts of the very best things in life.