Indian Turkey Raindrops

Thanksgiving is one of the top-shelf holidays that never ceases to disappoint. Good food is aplenty, the weather is usually supreme, and the whole family sits at the table for 4 hours discussing everything and nothing all at the same time. I love the relaxation that is always associated with Thanksgiving- mostly due to excess amounts of turkey, but also thanks to the comfortable nature of our home in general. I am thankful for that. Here's the highlight reel of Thanksgiving 2011. And just a disclaimer: Thanksgiving weekend (in my mind and I'm sure millions of others, right?!) means neon sweats, no make-up, coonskin caps, SARS masks for those with sore throats, and Cowboy and Indian dance parties with Eden.


Jim Jam Weekend 2011

This one time my best friends and I celebrated the happiest union of our very best friend Jamie Everson. Park City was our home for the bachelorette weekend- full of good food, dancing, wedding dress fittings, Alpine Slide riding, and fireside chats in our matching shirts about the big whosie whatsie. September 17th was the big day for Jim Jam and I don't think anyone's seen a day more perfect. I'm just glad I got to watch. Man oh man do I love my breast freeds!

Jim Jam Weekend 2011 from Cami Clayton on Vimeo.


The Old Fun City

One time I went to New York City.



Do As I'm Doing, Follow, Follow Me

Sometimes while I'm having my lunch, I like to write on my Legal Pad. We've developed a close relationship. Today, I really let it all out.

Dear Legal Pad,

I’m writing to tell you that I’m distressed. I have seen & continue to begrudgingly witness rapid weight gain and the deterioration of my bum. I am now simply two large thighs and a torso. I need assistance.

But what can you do? All you are is yellow lined paper, cut to size and glued together.

I need you to be a life coach- to tell me drop the mini Crunch bar and walk away. To tell me to pick the running shoes up off the closet floor, put them on my feet, and not come home until I’ve sprinted off 10 pounds. And most importantly, to tell me to repeatedly put on that one pair of jeans I’ve grown out of until I realize the mistakes I’ve made and vow to never repeat them. We all know the effectiveness of trying to button too-tight pants over that new doughy mid-section, and if you do manage to succeed, you turn around to discover that what was once your bum is now an unrecognizable shape that unmistakably resembles two pancakes that were sat on by a gorilla. As I mentioned earlier. Two large thighs and a torso.

You know those new Facebook updates that tell everyone you’re out on a run? Yeah. Stop doing that, show-off. But let’s face it. My disdain for that app is largely because I know if I posted that same update on my own page, one of two things would happen: One- Crickets. Or two- the comments from friends would all run with the general theme of “Don’t Kid Yourself.”

Legal Pad, let’s be straight with each other. I know that I only have myself to blame. But in my defense, I’ve tried it all:

-Yoga makes me yawn an uncanny amount of times. It really is peculiar because I know I’m not tired, but I think it’s my body’s way of telling me to ditch the pose and head to the quiet comfort of my bed where nothing hurts and I can peacefully drift off to sleep.

- I get annoyed with the professional dancer featured in all of my Mari Winsor pilates tapes because she never breaks a sweat and is oddly pale.

- I do play tennis once a week, but let’s face it- the only time I’m really working out is when I’m sprinting to the car because someone (me) suggested it was dinner time.

- I’m convinced the neighbors can see through the tightly shut blinds while I’m doing Zumba, so that’s out.

- I don’t like the gym. And it’s not because weirdos hit on me (because my self-esteem would gladly take the attention but it sadly never happens) but rather because I get bored after 15 minutes and ignore the fact that it is embarrassing to walk past the front desk knowing they know I didn’t work out.

- And lastly, running. I’ve got an intense love/hate relationship with running. I know it is effective- I’ve been there before. But now when I go running it feels as if my entire body has been taken over by my head. Imagine a life-size Mr. Potato Head running down the sidewalk with no calves to speak of, just oddly-shaped plastic shoes, and there I am. Every step feels like it carries the force of 500 pounds, so who can blame my feet for getting achy after ten seconds of “running”?

And so, dear Legal Pad, I’m a rock and a hard place (figure that one out). Until someone finds a 100% effective workout plan that requires 0% effort, I’m doomed.



things that happened this month.

- I filed my taxes for both California and Utah, my previous home. It was the last thing I will do involving my time in Utah. It felt strange to consider that I do not work there, live there, or go to school there anymore, and likely never will again.

- I felt badly about myself. I allowed my emotions to get in the way and drudged up too many memories that were painful and unnecessary. And I allowed someone to make me feel badly about who I am, even though I knew they weren’t completely warranted in doing so.

- I received a very thoughtful gift from a friend. I glance at it and am reminded that people listen to what I say, remember things that I love, and are thoughtful individuals who want to make other people feel good and appreciated. I am reminded that chivalry is indeed alive and well, and that there are good men out there.

- I chemically burned my eyeball.

- I felt like I don’t really know how to play the guitar.

- I prepared mentally to be called upon during Sacrament meeting to bare my testimony about the Atonement. It was a great way to get ready for the day.

- I went to a party in Huntington Beach and was impressed by the London School of Economics.

- I went to a party celebrating a wonderful lady in my life and her upcoming marriage. It was a beautiful party and it was so nice to be surrounded by incredible women that I have known my entire life.

- I glanced at my panama hat and had daydreams about riding around on a bicycle while wearing it. Life seems happier when on a bike and wearing a good hat.

- I stuffed everything that was on my floor into my closet and could hear my mom’s voice in the background telling me that cleaning my room would be so much easier if I would just hang clothes up right when I take them off.

- I went to the eye doctor for said chemical burn, and realized again just how bad my eyesight really is. But rather than schedule the eye exam, I bought another bag of dried mangoes and called it a successful trip.

- i thought seriously about buying a used banjo and taking lessons with my tax refund money, which has miraculously already been deposited into my bank account.

- Looked at pictures of Hawaii and remembered how nice it was to be warm and tan on the beach.

- Then I remembered that I get to be warm and tan on the beach for an entire week in August. In El Salvador! Muy, muy bien.

- I made a detailed workout plan for each day of the week, then managed to completely ignore it.

- I felt grateful for the seemingly-unnecessary Anthropologie purchase that has proved to be an asset in my life, on my bed, and on my couch.

- Built a fire in the fire pit, finally. I even dragged out my Ikea-version Persian rug. It felt like a real good outdoor party. And I was well-pleased.

- Realized I am far too lax and borderline irreverent 99% of the time. But probably won’t do much to fix it, because somebody has to be the Mormon girl to whom everyone can compare themselves and feel much more righteous. I am so generous, and thoughtful.

- Listened to Neil Young for a solid two hours and didn’t even make a dent in the playlist that consists of a blessed number of songs.

- Thought about running away to Europe and making a life there doing who knows what but being completely happy with that fact. I will probably continue to think about this one into the next week.



I went to San Francisco months ago. I'm behind with the times, but here are some photos.


You Are the Very Best

In honor of the upcoming holiday on which we celebrate all those we love, I have come up with a list. I thought for a solid two minutes about the things that I love the very most in my life, and although my ADD-prone mind got sidetracked once when I glanced up at the counter and saw an open bag of Trader Joe's Powerberries calling to me (no, forcefully commanding) that I get up and eat some, I realized for the umpteenth time that I have an almost mind-boggling amount to be grateful for. I'm lucky to have lots to love. Read on for my love list if you feel so inclined (and I won't be offended if you decide not to read because truthfully I won't even know. So we're good.):

- Let's be honest, those aforementioned Powerberries are usually at the top of my list.
- Gertie & Gus
- 72 degree weather
- My Mom's laugh
- Campfires
- Slight breezes
- the smell of saddles
- When my jeans finally get broken in
- Feeling inspired and motivated
- Jogging on the beach path
- Listening to my Dad sing
- the color camel
- Oil paintings
- Beach Hair
- being home with the entire family
- crossing off every item on a to-do list
- Nose freckles
- Freshly-cut Peonies
- Yellow Labs & Golden Retrievers (either to be named Copernicus)
- Saying exactly what you meant to say
- Laughing with those who know you best
- The click of computer keys
- A good card game
- Smile wrinkles as evidence of a life lived happily
- Books you wish never ended
- Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock
- Sisters
- Fresh Papaya with Lime Juice
- Settebello's Caprese Salad
- the new 8mm camera app
- Writing letters
- Brick courtyards
- A good stretch
- Feeling the Spirit
- Trader Joe's
- Exact Change
- A perfect-fitting t-shirt
- Sitting Close
- Going on Trips
- Emails from Grandma
- Horseback rides
- Afternoon Walks
- Sandy calves
- Sunday mornings
- Eden & Charlie

You'd be surprised how much your brain comes up with when you let it wander around in thoughts of the very best things in life.




She's At It Again

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more iVideo slideshows.

I noticed that my friend Molly (wassssup!) recently posted a link to this very blog and it made me think two things in particular: 1) Awesome! People read my blog, and 2) Crap! People read my blog. I felt an immediate sense of pressure that I needed to post something cool, but then almost just as immediately realized that I'm really not that cool, and ran into a bit of a roadblock after that.
I have been doing some cool stuff as of late but have neglected to put any photo evidence of it online. A post will follow soon documenting my business trip (yes, I documented it), and my trip up north to San Francisco to visit both your friend and mine, Miss Jamie Everson.

I have been obsessively listening to a new song on repeat, much to the chagrin of those sitting near my cubicle I'm sure, and whenever I really love a song, it seems that an iVideo creation follows rapidly. I'm not one to break with tradition, so here you have it. This song makes me happy; it makes me think of dancing, flowers, family, travels, sunshine, good books, food, and friends. So naturally, all of the above are included in some way or another. It gets a little dizzying at times but you win some you lose some.

Life is good, ladies and gentleman, and Elvis can prove it.

All sorts of warm regards,



Lisa Mitchell - Coin Laundry

One of my Resolutions for the New Year is to use what I already have. My over-consumption over the past few months is a little ridiculous, and I've decided to put a more-than-worthy effort towards dejunking my trunk. I went through my closet the other day, sold some clothes, donated some clothes, and reduced the clutter on my desk.
Speaking of things I already have, iVideo. I began a love affair with this program earlier this summer when I decided that I needed to document Eden and Charlie's life through my measly iPhone lens. I'm going to utilize this program more and more in the future, since naturally I'll be involved in all sorts of things that deserve to be preserved and bettered through sepia tones and sped-up video.
I started working on a new video last night simply because I'm also having a love affair with a new song. (Yes, I'm 'affair-ing' with many these days...)

I'm not going to reveal the song quite yet. But I will reveal another song that makes the rainy-day bluesfloat happily, and speedily, away.