it's a cold north wind: from the north.

Last night the temperature on every car themometer read the same as we approached our cabin. -7 degrees. Not even zero! Not even two!
We woke up early this morning and went skiing in a slightly warmer climate, as the car themometers climbed steadily until reaching 6 degrees. Not even eight! Not even twenty! It is probable that I looked like this all day long:

Just to add to the frozen festivities, I forgot the necessary face protectors and instead had to wrap my head in a scarf I had in my purse. I have never washed it before, so the combination of my hot breath on a cold piece of cloth not only froze the scarf solid, but also caused the scarf's colors to bleed together. My green and white scarf is now looking horribly grass-stained. And the best part? The dye got all over my face. It is more than likely that I'll look like this for many moons.


before you read this one, read the one i posted about ten minutes. you'll need that preface to fully understand what i'm talking about here and now.

so, after viewing what is probably the funniest thing i've seen in the last two hours, i couldn't resist trying it for myself. here's a link to my own elf-yourself.


we're elves. with attitude.

My friend Dave Brewer sent me a random link the other day which I neglected to open until just moments ago. Big mistake. Huge!

a team thunder christmas


Candidate Match Game

I have some serious studying to do before I can make an educated and informed decision about upcoming elections. This little online quiz asks you 11 different questions dealing with issues ranging from same-sex marriage to health care, and according to your answer they give you the top 3 candidates that have similar ideals. I took the quiz twice and both times ended up with Giulani as my front-runner. I need to read up on his platform.
My extended family will be so sad to hear that I am not a raging Romney supporter.



Disposable Parts

I just couldn't pass this one up. Once again, I am spending far too much time watching videos on youtube. However, since this video is now posted I can get back to busy city.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy city to enjoy futbol.

Hey Pockets!

I remember when:
- my favorite CD was the Forrest Gump Soundtrack. I taught dances with difficult choreography to my Barbie dolls. To this day, I remember "The Feather Theme" was an emotional routine, complete with Barbie's dance partner, Ken, walking off stage during the climax of the song. The sunlight was pouring through the backdoor windows at the most opportuned time so that Ken was walking, nay, dancing, into a ray of light. I might have been seven at the time and let me tell you, that was some good stuff.
- I scraped half of my face off on the neighbor's driveway. Riding skateboards on your stomach was cool during these days, and who would've thought that Susie's flat portion of the driveway had a more pronounced curb than the rest of the neighborhood? I hit the bottom of the driveway expecting to advance to the top of the driveway with impressive forward motion and then continue my show by letting the skateboard roll back from whence it came. (Backwards, Mom! Backwards!) This is how I thought it would go. But no! The skateboard had it in for me and stopped with such intensity at the bottom of the driveway that my body was propelled, face first, into the cement. I daresay my nose, lips, and chin have never been the same.
- I performed more stunts like the skateboarding trick thinking that the outcome would just get better with age. One stunt that caused some serious damage: I thought it would be not only fun but incredibly safe to cruise down driveways while riding on the roof of plastic busses. I convinced friends, one at a time, to join me on the roof for a joyride unlike any other. Blasted Susie's driveway was out to get me once more, as the wheels on the bus stopped dead in their tracks at the bottom and my unfortunate passenger and I were catapulted on to the familiarity of Susie's cement once more. Because I never ride in front, I landed on top of my passenger, smashing any limb in my way with approximately sixty pounds of bruiser. Other childhood accidents worth mentioning: sliding down a hillside of a foreign plant on homemade sleds, tying big-wheels to the backs of much-faster bicycles and testing our exciting new product on a hill much too big for kids that all wore Pull-Ups to bed (though we would never admit it), burning the ticks out of our heads after adventures in the Arroyo, and who could forget all the cuts and bruises caused by messy run-ins with the springs of the tramp?

I have noticed:
- having good memories propels people out of potentially unhappy, stressful afternoons. Case-in-point? I got overwhelmed thinking of all the things I needed to get done before the semester was over, and rather than look at my schedule logically and plan out my due-dates and exam times, I instead ventured to youtube.com. I found a gem. Here is the moral of this blog in case you were wondering: Peter Pan can fly because of his good/happy/crazy fun memories. I can avoid categorizing by thinking of funny things I did when I was six. What can you do/avoid when you remember?