You'd Better Recognize

How do you get to a point in your life where you can't accurately describe how you feel? This isn't what you think it is. It is ambiguous. It is sitting on a fence and deciding between passion and ineptitude but remaining nonchalant. It is wanting to be more than you are but lacking the determination to change an acceptable (albeit mediocre) character. Who wouldn't want to capitalize on trading something good for something better? The start of 2008 means 2009 is already here.
My New Year's Resolution is to live. And do I know what that means? Not really. I'd like to think that living, and really, truly living, is finding something you need and actively pursuing it. It is finding joy in the everyday mediocrity, yet yearning for the ability to make tomorrow more excellent. Living is learning to adjust and adapt so that every day contains some element of bliss. It is changing; it is laughing at the mundane. It is sharing highs and lows. It is creating your own definition of happiness. It is seeing the world through rose-colored glasses yet achieving a balance of rationality. It is enjoying the time spent trying to make yourself a better person.
I thoroughly enjoyed 2007 and can't really remember all of the things that have changed. Here's to 2008 and living the better life.