Indian Turkey Raindrops

Thanksgiving is one of the top-shelf holidays that never ceases to disappoint. Good food is aplenty, the weather is usually supreme, and the whole family sits at the table for 4 hours discussing everything and nothing all at the same time. I love the relaxation that is always associated with Thanksgiving- mostly due to excess amounts of turkey, but also thanks to the comfortable nature of our home in general. I am thankful for that. Here's the highlight reel of Thanksgiving 2011. And just a disclaimer: Thanksgiving weekend (in my mind and I'm sure millions of others, right?!) means neon sweats, no make-up, coonskin caps, SARS masks for those with sore throats, and Cowboy and Indian dance parties with Eden.


Kristine said...

what a perfect weekend! you claytons sure are a good time. i'd like to see the eden/cami dance in person.

also, pretty thanksgiving table!

Marian Clayton said...

You are seriously rad.

laura said...

Wow. I love your family.