She's At It Again

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more iVideo slideshows.

I noticed that my friend Molly (wassssup!) recently posted a link to this very blog and it made me think two things in particular: 1) Awesome! People read my blog, and 2) Crap! People read my blog. I felt an immediate sense of pressure that I needed to post something cool, but then almost just as immediately realized that I'm really not that cool, and ran into a bit of a roadblock after that.
I have been doing some cool stuff as of late but have neglected to put any photo evidence of it online. A post will follow soon documenting my business trip (yes, I documented it), and my trip up north to San Francisco to visit both your friend and mine, Miss Jamie Everson.

I have been obsessively listening to a new song on repeat, much to the chagrin of those sitting near my cubicle I'm sure, and whenever I really love a song, it seems that an iVideo creation follows rapidly. I'm not one to break with tradition, so here you have it. This song makes me happy; it makes me think of dancing, flowers, family, travels, sunshine, good books, food, and friends. So naturally, all of the above are included in some way or another. It gets a little dizzying at times but you win some you lose some.

Life is good, ladies and gentleman, and Elvis can prove it.

All sorts of warm regards,



La said...

so who remastered the song? it is awesome.
and i always enjoy your little videos.

ashley said...

cami- want to come out to hawaii again and teach me all your fun video tricks? please. you can stay with us again. our house is newer and nicer this time and i have a real bed you can sleep on. please? PLEASE?

molly said...

It's ME. I'm Molly. I'm just going to keep talking about you in my blog, so that you blog even harder on your blog. Blogtacular.