things that happened this month.

- I filed my taxes for both California and Utah, my previous home. It was the last thing I will do involving my time in Utah. It felt strange to consider that I do not work there, live there, or go to school there anymore, and likely never will again.

- I felt badly about myself. I allowed my emotions to get in the way and drudged up too many memories that were painful and unnecessary. And I allowed someone to make me feel badly about who I am, even though I knew they weren’t completely warranted in doing so.

- I received a very thoughtful gift from a friend. I glance at it and am reminded that people listen to what I say, remember things that I love, and are thoughtful individuals who want to make other people feel good and appreciated. I am reminded that chivalry is indeed alive and well, and that there are good men out there.

- I chemically burned my eyeball.

- I felt like I don’t really know how to play the guitar.

- I prepared mentally to be called upon during Sacrament meeting to bare my testimony about the Atonement. It was a great way to get ready for the day.

- I went to a party in Huntington Beach and was impressed by the London School of Economics.

- I went to a party celebrating a wonderful lady in my life and her upcoming marriage. It was a beautiful party and it was so nice to be surrounded by incredible women that I have known my entire life.

- I glanced at my panama hat and had daydreams about riding around on a bicycle while wearing it. Life seems happier when on a bike and wearing a good hat.

- I stuffed everything that was on my floor into my closet and could hear my mom’s voice in the background telling me that cleaning my room would be so much easier if I would just hang clothes up right when I take them off.

- I went to the eye doctor for said chemical burn, and realized again just how bad my eyesight really is. But rather than schedule the eye exam, I bought another bag of dried mangoes and called it a successful trip.

- i thought seriously about buying a used banjo and taking lessons with my tax refund money, which has miraculously already been deposited into my bank account.

- Looked at pictures of Hawaii and remembered how nice it was to be warm and tan on the beach.

- Then I remembered that I get to be warm and tan on the beach for an entire week in August. In El Salvador! Muy, muy bien.

- I made a detailed workout plan for each day of the week, then managed to completely ignore it.

- I felt grateful for the seemingly-unnecessary Anthropologie purchase that has proved to be an asset in my life, on my bed, and on my couch.

- Built a fire in the fire pit, finally. I even dragged out my Ikea-version Persian rug. It felt like a real good outdoor party. And I was well-pleased.

- Realized I am far too lax and borderline irreverent 99% of the time. But probably won’t do much to fix it, because somebody has to be the Mormon girl to whom everyone can compare themselves and feel much more righteous. I am so generous, and thoughtful.

- Listened to Neil Young for a solid two hours and didn’t even make a dent in the playlist that consists of a blessed number of songs.

- Thought about running away to Europe and making a life there doing who knows what but being completely happy with that fact. I will probably continue to think about this one into the next week.


La said...

don't run away to europe. i would miss you too much.

Missy said...

If you do run away to Europe, don't go alone. I'd gladly run away with you. Name the time. I'm there.

(also laughed out loud at the dried mango comment. LOVE!)