something like m&m's and ice water

for as long as i have known myself, i have understood that i have crushes on everyone i meet. before quick judgments and assumptions are made, let us take a quick look at the pro's of living such a life. by having a crush on everyone i meet, i enable myself to feel an ounce of love for everyone i meet, thus meaning that i am a nice person. by having a crush on everyone i meet, life is just that much more exciting. stomache flops and butterflies are omnipresent, getting lost in thoughts of long and happy lives spent with 'object A' are daily occurrences (and not to mention always changing since 'object A' is quickly replaced with objects 'B', 'C', and 'D'), and probably most importantly, i try harder to be a better version of myself to attract said objects. i find this to be most beneficial, as the harder i try to form habits of good decisions and righteous, productive living, the easier it becomes for those habits to become routine, and voila! you have a better version of cami. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is so righteous, in a gnarly sort of way.
that being said, can i now just complain how busy i am? so many crushes! so many potential lifemates! a girl can only handle so much! everyone is breaking up with everyone, providing me ample opportunity to fashion the perfect version of each object in my head. old objects are moving out, new objects are waiting to be found...it's just stressful! but alas, i cannot lie. it is fun.
i'm hoping my next relationship, whether it be in daily thoughts or reality, will be something like m&m's and ice water. to me there is nothing better than sipping ice cold water from a quaint goblet, popping a few candy-coated chocolates in your mouth, and enjoying a feeling nothing short of celestial for a few short moments. if that isn't love, then i don't know what is.


La said...

um hello. how come i never knew you had this blog! i will be here all the time from now on.

Elke said...

Good for people to know.