Unsafe Driving Habits

The way I see it, you win some and you lose some with my blog. Sometimes I write too much. Sometimes I post too many pictures. And sometimes I post videos in mid-March that boast Christmas trees and holiday songs featured in Home Alone. These would be the 'lose somes'.

On the other hand, you win some when you view said mid-March Christmas video and discover just how talented I am when it comes to filming the surroundings during road trips. And I'm the one driving. Implied danger- win some. You can also win some by playing a round of 'I Spy' and see if you can catch the moment where I talk about a croissant, pronounced 'Cwaasann'.

So back in December I convinced my mom to meet me to San Luis Obispo for a few days while I worked tirelessly and she enjoyed a hotel on the beach and ample reading time. Our hard work paid off and we were rewarded by continuing north to the land of milk and honey, San Francisco. Good eats, cool treats, and a whole lot of Christmas. WIN SOME.

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Alexis Treese said...

San Luis Obispo is one of my most favorite places. The Madonna Inn- I die. Its so fantastic. Sounds like a divine trip.