it's a cold north wind: from the north.

Last night the temperature on every car themometer read the same as we approached our cabin. -7 degrees. Not even zero! Not even two!
We woke up early this morning and went skiing in a slightly warmer climate, as the car themometers climbed steadily until reaching 6 degrees. Not even eight! Not even twenty! It is probable that I looked like this all day long:

Just to add to the frozen festivities, I forgot the necessary face protectors and instead had to wrap my head in a scarf I had in my purse. I have never washed it before, so the combination of my hot breath on a cold piece of cloth not only froze the scarf solid, but also caused the scarf's colors to bleed together. My green and white scarf is now looking horribly grass-stained. And the best part? The dye got all over my face. It is more than likely that I'll look like this for many moons.


Abby said...

what happened to posting everyday?? i love reading your posts and i need more please.

Abby said...

this is la. not abby. the computer always signs her in automatically and i am too lazy to fix it.