Candidate Match Game

I have some serious studying to do before I can make an educated and informed decision about upcoming elections. This little online quiz asks you 11 different questions dealing with issues ranging from same-sex marriage to health care, and according to your answer they give you the top 3 candidates that have similar ideals. I took the quiz twice and both times ended up with Giulani as my front-runner. I need to read up on his platform.
My extended family will be so sad to hear that I am not a raging Romney supporter.



La said...

no worries. i love john mccain. i want to vote for him. i wonder which state i am registered in though? az? kansa? nv? hmmm.

La said...

after taking the quiz:
#1 John McCain
#2 Mike Huckabee (WTF?)

Cami said...

Huckabee was on mine two! He was third, and Mitt was second. I could've sworn I was a member of the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

m spot said...


(bet you didn't know i knew about your blog...)

(you can vote for whoever you want and i'll still love you)



m spot said...

(and, by the way, when i took the a few weeks ago, it said i should vote for bill richardson)

(kind of funny)