i figured it was time

here's an update. it's been awhile.
: summer of 2009 meant seeing the world. (or at least a good start). heaven smiled upon me and sent me on a wild 2 and a half weeks in spain, italy, and paris. jamie and i rode planes, trains, and automobiles along the way, (crashing 1 of the above), ate a healthy portion of margarita pizza, a more than healthy portion of gelato, loved the museums, rode the bikes, spoke the languages, and ultimately fell in love with being on the road. i couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime.

: the ushering in of a new year meant the start of my final semester here at byu. i am taking 2 classes, both of which i could have taken as a freshman. more often than not it is painful to go to class, and more often than not the lack of
parking on campus means i turn around and go home.

: i am still fully-employed by magleby's grill, a place i have come to know over the past 4 years. i seem to be a jack-of-all-trades and wait tables, manage the restaurant, help with scheduling, and as of last january, i am the wedding catering coordinator. tasting after tasting and reception after reception, i feel as if i can ably say i can coordinate the dickens out of any catered event. i will miss that place when i am gone.

: i have accepted an internship with amorology weddings based in oceanside, california.

means i will be invading the lives of my favorite minis, eden and charlie, and living with my overly-generous sister and brother-in-law. i couldn't be more excited to make the move right after graduation this april.

: i am, without a doubt, seriously digging my boyfriend. couldn't ask for a better mannish.

would it be all right to say that life is exponentially better when he's around? because i think that's pretty on point.

approaching each day knowing that things just keep getting better has made these last 6 months fly by, and it shows no signs of stopping. i don't mind that at all.

here's to a belated new year full of those moments that make everything worth it.




La said...

I love that picture of you two! You both look so happy.

Hooray for a new post too.

Can't wait to see your sleepy head every morning.


Mimi said...

Love this picture. How can I steal it?
I need more updates from you.
YOur blog makes me smile:)